Happiness Is Not Reaction

Happiness Is Not Reaction
Piece of paper dipped in water will undoubtedly wet. This nature which indicates a reaction to something else. How about if someone dipped at an event or situation? When a family member is dying, then they are left to react in the form of mental anguish. The tears were streaming down and his mind wandered. Is this an example of a mental reaction to a situation? It seems it is true, but when examined further, what is happening is not a mental reaction. Sadness was only clues to a person, how he understood the events of the death.
Other cases can be used as a testing tool. Usually, if the person who died at a young age, let alone ever done on a community service group or neighborhood, whether to family, village or state, it will bring great sorrow over those around him. Unlike the situation when the deceased was elderly grandfather, the family grief is not as severe as the previous events. Maybe they thought the old man had died reasonable, already aged.
There are more extreme examples. For example, when people are so close to us dies chant girlfriends, sisters, children, parents and so on, then it is definitely sadness was so piercing. But behold when a guy loses his close friend who was killed by a police bullet, not the grief experienced by not sepedih the most? Supposedly, the name will cause effects similar reactions to similar cases. This proves once again, that sorrow and joy are not mental reaction but a sign that explains, how a person understands a situation or situations.
Different ways of understanding is why people react to the same phenomenon. The criminals already understand that fatal risk activities, so understand death in the crimes as the natural order of things, so they are not so sad to lose her. This is different from most people who understand that life as a plate, peace, harmony and so on. Then suddenly there was a death in the midst of them, then of course they were shocked, shocked, because death is still considered something out of the ordinary, it’s a different way of understanding. Read How To Understand The coming of Death.
So people could have pranced with joy when the lottery win car, because it’s a long time people have longed for a car. However, on the same occasion that her childhood also pranced with delight at the sight of the prize car reached his home. What was the cause? It turns out that the yellow color of the car gift, the boy remembered the color of dirt, so there are cars covered in funny felt tai.
It teaches that joy, happiness and even a mystery novel that is not caused by certain factors that apply absolute, but depends on how the mind can learn to formulate knowledge for themselves. External factors are not input or seeds of happiness and sadness. All of these factors are outside the object is worth a thought to chew food, sort out which ones are useful and discard the useless.
Events or sightings that occurred outside of ourselves is not ‘finished goods’ that we often refer to as a reality. Outside the state is neutral and new fonomena become reality in mind when interpreting the observations of events or objects. So the reality of it is in the brain, not outside yourself.
The event took place as follows: the five senses receive some information from outside yourself and then send the information fragments into the brain. The brain processes new data for comparison with the data previously entered and processed by the way of understanding that has been adopted previously. Understanding that comes from limited intelligence warehouse is like the mold that is ready to print any new material (new information) to appropriate knowledge existing printed form. This new mold is sent to a memory reset as production ready to be distributed to the organs of sense. As a follow up, then meunculah a response, for example; oh she is beautiful, o there is less safe, seductive smile, her arms hurt, and so on.
In the practice of daily life in the form of knowledge production is thought that seems a truth and as empirical reality, but once again it was mold. Both the poor quality of the print depends on whether or sophisticated tools that mold manufacturer. Quality intelligence tool which will be able to photograph the phenomenon outside ourselves nearing the real facts, while the undeveloped intelligence tends to trick the original facts.
They say experience is the best teacher. This phrase is not entirely true, because the experience is not something ready-made for a practical and useful for everyday life. Experience is the same as the reality of the above theory. The same event, the same place and the same time, when in the same time there are a number of people involved, then they each have their experiences. There are a taku, others feel memorable, others rejoice, others feel disgusted. Intelligence has always been the key to determining whether something as exciting or frustrating experience. Unfortunately, intelligence is not the kind of intelligence that can be mastered by learning in school or read a lot of books. More than all the business intelligence it requires both invividu to respond to all the science that goes through reflection, so that the intellect develops. Most cases occur otherwise, most science is learned intellectually imprison someone, because he too believed in the theory that is taught sebauh branches of science. Consequently intellect confined others to the truth of creation and exploring the usual intellect sifak deliberately deprived by their owners, because they think already got an answer from the observed phenomena. False intelligence forming mold, then one is also reasonable to interpret everything, even worse would trigger the error of emotions to react to a persitiwa or experience. Experience is not always the best teacher, because in certain situations that experience shaped by a false interpretation of intelligence will drag someone into the error of perception, dragged him to the real suffering without delay.
The world outside ourselves is like a large landscape with various trinkets that decorate it. Someone who stood looking at her as a lover not looked intact object with the naked eye, but with the help of glasses. Woe to those who menggenakan magnifying glasses reperasi owned artisan watches when used to look at an ant. Because the ants will look really awful with long fangs gleaming tub monster ready to tear. That’s how people are feeling happy or sad depending on the occasion wit glasses see the sorrow it.
All about the art of life, because what could be mistaken for the real thing was just an illusion of understanding. What is perceived as pleasure is a hoax, as well as the nature of suffering. Because happiness and misery is not a mental or emotional reaction. Thus happiness or misery is not a necessity that not carry as well as the role of humans.
The best example for this can we learn when sick with a fever. This time not all the food that touched the tongue tastes bitter? Gorang chicken meat that is processed in the same way as the previous day suddenly tasted bitter, why would that be? Delicious food depends on whether or not a health tongue and the body as a whole. Such is life experience and the taste is not worth anything, except the intellect to intervene and give him a taste of appropriate intellectual soundness of each, so it appears the comments ‘suffering’ and ‘happiness’


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