To Bali ( Only ) To Die

As a soldier , Wayan Bamia Indonesia served almost in half . He had served five years in Bali . Approaching retirement, he devoted in the transmigration area in Sumatra Bali . ” Here I am most at home on duty during my career , ” he said to his wife , Cianjur woman , who edited when he was on duty in London .

Last rank of lieutenant colonel . He decided to stay in last place she was active as a soldier . ” This transmigration area is suitable for me , ” he said again . ” I like being at home , living among peers seumat , one tribe . ” He bought rice fields in Sumatrea , turning his own troops cider farmer . He departed from the wheel , of holding a gun to holding a hoe . many kalu he told anyone he met , that he was very happy .

But all the children ( three boys ) , he was sent to Bali . ” You have school at the University of Udayana , ” said Wayan told of her son . ” In Bali many relatives and friends , you are easy to ask for help and protection if in distress . Son who intend to continue studying in Yogya he forbids. ” We ‘ve got Bali , for you to Java what ? “he advised .

Indeed , Bamia harbored secret plans , why he send the children to Bali . “Ultimately I want to Bali , ” he said honestly wife . “Removing miss , we can walk the kids look . However my main goal , there are our children who would live in Bali , looking for work in Bali , married in Bali . With so one day we can be with them , ” he said . ” I want to die in Bali , ” he whispered . ” to me , that’s where the most delicious to die . “

In the past , the people of Europe praised Bali as a last paradise to visit before dying . But now it certainly does not deserve the praise leveled again , if you see that Bali is crowded and messy . Where there is paradise in shambles ? Begin Indeed many Balinese people do not want to stay in Bali . But if they still want to die in Bali . Is there any sign , no wonder Bali again to live and just right for a place to die ?

Balinese people overseas more and more . They grow into new communities in Sumatra , Sulawesi , Kalimantan , Java . As an ethnic minority , they still maintain a sense of kebalian , continue to strive for as much and as close as possible to create a physical and mental Bali . Certainly many of those who die in overseas. But if they are given the chance to choose , they are intended as Wayan Bamia ; dead in Bali . It’s okay to Bali just to die .

They prefer cremated in Bali tinimbang in overseas. Even if they died suddenly , at the cremation of bodies , wherever possible , later , they were cremated in Bali . They intend to spend old age in Bali . They want , if later dies and the spirit became Pitara , can stay in Bali , close to children and grandchildren , close also to the spirits of ancestors . They like considered , in the land of shoreline , although inhabited by tens of thousands of people of Bali , there is pretty much no ancestral spirits . Maybe for people who want to die overseas Bali in Bali , Balinese ancestral spirits are only willing to stay in Bali , not in Sumatra , Sulawesi , Aceh and Ambon .

But the true spirit of the ancestors of the Balinese do not exist in Java , in Borneo , or in Lombok ? If the person died in Bali shoreline , where are their spirits ? Are they bolted to Bali ? If the spirits and Pitara it all numplek in Bali , who is also a safeguard and protect the people of Bali in the shoreline ? Not according to Balinese belief , the spirits of ancestors were in charge of guarding their offspring ?

How strong holding capacity of the Balinese in his native land , so even if they wanted to die in Bali , although they have been in the ground for decades rantau.Kita as the Balinese certainly love Bali ” lovebali “

Basa Basi Bali olih Gde Aryantha Soethama

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